Something About Flowering Trees

A brief informative article on the magnolia, the black locust, the crabapple and the silk tree. These 4 flowering trees are ideal for a garden that needs both shade and color. The colors and mixtures found in mixing the various shades of green in leaves with the blooms that mix white and pink add the fantasy garden look of a well-planned Japanese garden to any garden, Japanese or not. These flowering trees produce scented blooms that add to the exotic nature of a flowering tree.

If you, like me, like flowering trees, these 4 trees are some of which you should begin to consider investing in as you plan your flowering trees plantings depending on where you live. 

The Magnolia - The magnolia is classified as a deciduous tree that means that it loses its leaves seasonally and differ from evergreens that never lose their leaves.  However, if you live in Florida or some equally warm and temperate state, you might never see your magnolia lose its leaves except when it makes new leaves.  The old leaves fall off and are replaced by new leaves.  It is a tree that magically combines seasonal changes of trees almost imperceptibly.  The magnolia grows to a height of 32 feet.   If ever a flowering tree inspired moments of lush vegetation, warm sultry nights, cool, fragrant morns and the wondrous delight of exotic blooms, the magnolia is that tree. 

The Black Locust- The black locust is a deciduous tree.  The black locust grows to a height of 28 feet.  The black locust is a showy wildly blossoming tree that fills with white blossom in the Spring. The white blooms of the black locust exude an aroma that is unmistakable almost like gardenia but not quite lilac.   The black locust is dignified and adds class to any yard.

The Crabapple - The crab apple is a deciduous tree.  During the spring, the crab apple blazes forth with an abundance of white pinkish blooms.  The blooms turn into crab apples.  The crab apple is not for those dislike having their yards filled with tons of tiny apples.  The crab apple is actually a fruit tree but is usually found planted with flowering trees because the crab apple is not usually thought of as an edible fruit but just the aftermath of a flowering season of the crab apple. 

The Silk Tree - The silk tree is a deciduous tree.  It flowers in the spring and in the summer.   The silk tree is like an experience in a Japanese flowering fantasy garden.  The unmistakable light golden green graceful leaves and branches are like Japanese flower painting.  The simply gorgeous silk tree is a wonder to behold and a beautiful adornment for your garden. 


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