Importance of Tree Maintenance and Removal

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Tree maintenance is just as important as trimming and pruning the hedges on your property. Proper trimming and maintenance of trees not only benefits the tree, but your home and business as well. Proper upkeep allows your lawn to thrive by addressing many

It is important to begin maintenance of young trees as soon as they are planted. This process is known as developmental tree pruning. When planted near structures such as homes and businesses, structural issues can arise without proper upkeep of the tree. Trees can cause cracked driveways, cracks in home and business foundations, cracked walls, but most importantly, a risk to people inside structures should severe weather arise. Pruning of trees includes removing branches that have died, are diseased, or broken. This process will prevent decay causing fungi from inhibiting the tree, creating a stronger, healthier tree. Sometimes live branches must also be removed to allow the correct amount of sunlight to reach all areas the tree to maintain health and strength of the tree. It also helps increase the flow of air needed in the umbrella of the tree. By starting pruning measures while a tree is still young, the tree will develop with more strength and have correct branch architecture, lessening the possibilities of damage to your property or structures that exist on the property.

Tree trimming is vital for protection against damage caused by severe storms. Overhanging limbs and branches can cause a major concern when they drape over a home, driveways, or even walk ways. While it’s known that the major threat trees can carry is a limb breaking on your roof, or worse, the entire tree collapsing on a structure, damage can be created to the integrity of a roof over time from a light breeze blowing through the tree, causing overhanging branches to scrape against shingles of a roof. If a branch of a tree rests on your roof, light winds will blow the limb back and forth, causing the limb to erode the protective coating of your roof and allow water to seep in and damage the structure of the roof. Proper maintenance of trees will prevent the need to have trees removed, increasing the visual beauty of your landscaping and adding value to your property.

It is important to be sure you’re obtaining correct information from an expert arborist that is experienced and is knowledgeable about all species of trees and shrubs. Tree removal is sometimes inevitable. Tree maintenance Brisbane adheres strictly to guidelines set by the Australian and International Pruning standards. They can provide reports that give you the expert advice needed to make decisions regarding having a tree fully removed. If the trunk of the tree dies or becomes manifested with bugs or fungi, it cause can cause serious threats to landscaping, buildings, and health. If a tree does have to be removed, it can be recycled in many different ways. All chips from removed trees can be sent to a wood mill where they will be turned in to other valuable products. Larger parts of the tree can be sent to a hammer mill to make timber materials. 

A major concern with any tree removal should be that of any wildlife that may inhabit the tree. Tree maintenance and removal is done to protect homes and businesses, but it is never a good thing to disrupt the home any living animal that may be in the tree. Before doing any work on a large tree, one must check for the presence of wildlife. This allows for proper rescue and relocation of the animals. One should consider this kind act as a courtesy to Mother Nature. Trees and shrubs are vital to human life. They keep us alive by creating the oxygen we need to breathe. They are also home to many different species of wildlife. Give back to Mother Nature by planting new trees and properly maintaining them.


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