How To Dress Your Window Boxes And Planters For Fall Without Plants
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How To Dress Your Window Boxes And Planters For Fall Without Plants

Fall displays for window boxes and containers can take advantage of the autumn harvest. Once containers have been cleaned of summer annuals, you may wish to decorate without planting again.

How To Dress Your Window Boxes And Planters For Fall covered using plants for fall decor. There are, however, many more options for dressing your windows taking advantage of seasonal materials that won't require digging in.

The fall garden carries with it numerous chores to prepare for the winter months ahead. Once the window boxes and planters have been cleaned of summer annuals, the decision to decorate for fall is usually bypassed thus repeating clean out again for winter is avoided. Using fall harvest materials can give you a vibrant display without refilling containers with soil.

Window boxes can be used for display or stored away until spring. Many window boxes come with a drip tray. Use it alone as a display shelf or cut a shelf to fit over the brackets that remain under your window. Paint this shelf to match your house trim or use a color of the season. Many bracket designs allow for screwing the wood shelf in place. If not, tie it to brackets or plan your decor with heavier items to keep shelf in place. Now think mantel.

Bricks or large stones will add height to the inside of window boxes and planters. You can also use upside down empty plastic pots for height. Decide if you are decorating for interest close up as in walking the path to your door or as curb appeal. Your choice of materials can be a smaller variety for close up and larger for farther away.

Lighting is a great addition for safety as well as decor. Seasonal string lights come in many colors. Other choices include solar spikes, solar lanterns, and battery operated candles. Even reflectors and reflective tape can be used especially as feature cutouts for jack-o-lanterns. Battery operated candles should be protected from the elements. Find glass jars large enough to house them. Glue the lid to a brick or flat stone or screw right into the wooden shelf. Place the candle on the lid and screw the jar in place. The candle can be held in place in the lid with double sided tape or a mounting square. Just unscrew the jar to turn on or off.

As with an indoor mantel, fabric can be placed over the shelf or window box. Burlap or inexpensive seasonal plastic tablecloths work best. Before tacking in place, use bricks or weatherproof containers underneath to vary display heights.

Gather display materials. Pumpkins, winter squash, gourds, Indian corn, small straw bales are perfect. Glue on a couple of fake crows and stick a small scarecrow in the straw bale.

Cover the shelf with a layer of straw or dried grasses and weigh in place with a small basket of apples with a couple of loose ones. Create your own mini corn stalks by gathering tall grasses, iris leaves and tying with jute.

My neighbor has her kids create ghouls by painting and decorating rocks from the shore. Dried seaweed and moss makes for interesting hair, beards and moustaches. Shells make noses and ears. Empty coffee creamer containers half filled with sand or small pebbles are easily covered with white cotton fabric or white grocery bags. A black cord tied around the neck and black marker eyes and mouth create a family of ghosts.

Carry your theme to your planters. A round circle or old plate can transform your planter into a pedestal table display area. Feature your prized carved pumpkin or a harvest basket of bittersweet and gourds. Have fun. Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to dressing your window boxes and planters for fall. The leaves you haven't raked yet only add to the charm. ;-)

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