How to Create an Enchanted Fae Fairy Garden in Your Your Backyard
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How to Create an Enchanted Fae Fairy Garden in Your Your Backyard

Create an enchanted fae fairy garden land in your backyard

IMAGINATION: To create an enchanted fae fairy garden in your back yard you will first need to open your imagination again.  Children have vivid imaginations.  As we age, unfortunately we begin to lose our imaginations. Consider beginning by bringing some children into your backyard and ask them to help you plan your enchanted fae fairy garden.  Ask the children what they would put into your yard to create a fae world. Things fae are fantasy creatures such as fairies and mushrooms, hollowed trees and knomes, unicorns and beautiful damsels.  A library visit or internet search on any and all of those terms will provide you with an abundance of ideas.  Include in your search flowers, pathways, and fountains.

GIVE YOUR GARDEN A NAME:  All truly enchanted fae fairy garden worlds have a name--what is your's named?  Camelot was a land which included maidens and knights, enchanted swords and wands, wizards and globes.  Chose a creative name for your fae fairy world.  Consider then making a portal to your enchanted fae fairy garden and hang a name plate made of wood or metal.  Garden arches serve well for this purpose.  Vines growing wrapped around the arches provide for lovely color and whimsy for you to experience entering the mystery land that lies ahead. 

SECRET PATHWAYS:  All enchanted fae fairy garden worlds have secrets. Pathways always lead somewhere.  Magical adorable tiny little surprise enclaves hiding mushroom seats facing lovely fountains abounding in colorful flowers.  Hollowed out trees provide shelter for knomes who spring forth on the path. Walk through your backyard imagining the paths you can lay and the special little stops you will make along the way.  You can use simple materials to mark your paths such as small stones or pine needle bundles.  As time moves on you can shape your paths more intricately adding stones to the floor of the paths or more fantasy statues along the way.

MUSHROOM RINGS:  All truly enchanted fae worlds have fairies galore.  Fairies of course make mushroom rings.  Make mushrooms of plaster and paint them white with red spots.  Leave more evidence of fairy life such as tiny tea sets, treasure chests, and even a fairy house.  Fairy houses can be made of sticks and branches and shreds of cloth. Glitter sparkling as fairy dust can be sprinkled everywhere near the fairy's homes.

GNOMES AND OTHER NATIVES OF THE LAND:  Who else lives in your fae garden world besides fairies?  No enchanted fae world is complete without at least one knome.  Consider sprites, brownies and lots of elves.  Garden supply stores have various fantasy creatures and you can use plaster and molds to make your own figurines. 

MAGICAL TREES, LATTICE WORK, BIRD FEEDERS, AND FOUNTAINS:  Magical trees can be made by painting or hanging small doors and windows onto trunks of trees.  Lattice work covered in vines and flowers are perfect not only for the entrance to your world but also in the middle and exit of your world.  Love seats made of stone or pretty metal work can be placed near lattice work arches with bird feeders nearby to attract song birds to sing.  Fountains and other water areas such as small ponds will give the life of water to your world for all the native creatures and for you to enjoy viewing and listening to.

FLOWERS AND SCULPTED SHRUBS: Don't forget to plant lots of flowers throughout your fae land along with sculpted shrubs of cone shapes and ball shapes and even animal shapes.  Your foliage, flowers, and shrubs will make your fae garden glorious.  Use many colors and heights mixing and bundling your plants.  Be sure to plant for all four seasons so that you have seasonal blooms with ever green trees and shrubs.

BEAUTIFUL LIGHTS:  To achieve a truly enchanted and fantastical look to your fae fairy garden world be sure to include lights.  Lights can be added in strands or hidden inside statues or mushroom figures.  White, purple, pink, and blue lights tend to be good colors for enchantment.  At night your fae fairy land can become magical with good use of lighting.

A WORK IN PROGRESS:  Your enchanted fae fairy garden world will grow and develop over time.  Always a work in progress.  Begin with some small space and gradually expand.  Start with one knome and build from there.  Some day your fae fairy garden may be home to an annual fae party where you and your friends will wander in awe. 

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