Fruits and Vegetables That Can Regenerate Themselves or Grow More
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Fruits and Vegetables That Can Regenerate Themselves or Grow More

Fruits and vegetables that re-generate themselves. Growing fruits and vegetables indoors from themselves.

There are some fruits and vegetables that can produce more of themselves from having parts of them planted. There are other vegetables that will re-grow if done properly. For instance a green onion will completely re-grow itself if you just keep the bottom portion of it and place it in water. (See below). Here are some fruits and vegetables that can regenerate, or grow more of themselves, or just make cool plants.

Carrots – If you cut off the top of the carrot where there the greenery grows you can plant it will grow in to a beautiful plant. No carrots will actually form but the plant is lovely and it is fascinating for kids to see. For more info:

Jerusalem Artichoke – By planting just one of these after you germinate it you can get several back from it. For more information:

Onions – You can chop off the top of an onion and plant it and will regenerate. For more information:

Garlic – Take one clove of garlic off of a bulb, plant it and it will produce and entire new bulb. For more information:

Shallot – Take one clove of a shallot, plant it and will produce an entire bulb. For more information:

Potatoes – Plant a small potato that has already begun to sprout and you will grow a few more potatoes from it. You can even just plant a portion of the potato that has the sprout on it for the same results. To watch very informative videos on planting potatoes from potatoes go here:

Turnip – Cut the top portion of turnip off, use the bottom for eating. Plant the top portion and it will regenerate. Place the cut side down in the soil. Cover and water. After a while you will see green leave and then flowers will appear. Keep them in a sunny window and keep the soil moist.

Green Onion – Snip the end off of a green onion. Place some water in a cup about half the way up the green onion piece, place the green onion against the side of the cup with the fuzzy stuff down. The green onion will begin to grow and regenerate itself.

Avocado – Remove the seed from the avocado and place it in a special bag or in a jar and you will grow a whole new avocado from it. To see a video on this:

Pineapple – Plant the crown of a pineapple and you will get a pineapple plant. Be aware that this is a slow process.

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I enjoyed reading this factoid/article, learned quite a bit too, thank you!

Thank you for your gardening tips to grow these vegetables.Voted up.