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Urban gardening can be a rewarding and relaxing undertaking for those who participate in it. Urban gardens help to supplement the fresh fruit and vegetable needs of families living in metropolitan areas. There are some advantages to city gardening ranging from nutritional benefits to environmental ones. These ideas are simple enough for beginners who have small yard space.
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Tree maintenance is just as important as trimming and pruning the hedges on your property. Proper trimming and maintenance of trees not only benefits the tree, but your home and business as well. Proper upkeep allows your lawn to thrive by addressing many concerns that can be created by trees that have structural concerns. When trees aren’t properly maintained they can cause worries such as safety of your home, health problems, and overall appearance of your landscaping. An experienced ar...
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A brief informative article on the magnolia, the black locust, the crabapple and the silk tree. These 4 flowering trees are ideal for a garden that needs both shade and color. The colors and mixtures found in mixing the various shades of green in leaves with the blooms that mix white and pink add the fantasy garden look of a well-planned Japanese garden to any garden, Japanese or not. These flowering trees produce scented blooms that add to the exotic nature of a flowering tree.
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To grow your own Oregano herb, you do not necessarily need a backyard. You can simply plant Oregano in containers. Planting Oregano is easy. It’s actually one of the easiest herbs to plant. After Oregano seeds germinate and are provided enough sunlight, they can mostly grow on their own without so not much effort is needed in growing them.
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As people move from urban areas into previously undeveloped locations new residents are placed into a fire environment they are unfamiliar with. During a major wildfire, it is unlikely there will be enough firefighting resources available to defend every home that is threatened by wildfire, so it is important for homeowners to do their part before a wildfire occurs in order to protect their homes. This article will detail basic concepts for fire safe gardening and landscaping.
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A garden shade sail is a perfect way to create a serene area in a home garden. These shades can easily be made at home with a few materials. Sails block the ultraviolet light from the sun and turn hot yards into cool, shady spots. The shades can be custom made to suit a particular area. They are often made in square or triangular shapes. Sail shades are available from commercial merchants, but it is fun and inexpensive to make them at home. Here are the steps to make sail shades at home.
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Gardening can be done easily by anyone who wishes to have his or her own personal garden. Many garden books are available to help teach beginners the steps to gardening. These books can offer advice on starting and completing a gardening project. Gardening books will offer detailed instructions with pictures of various designs to use for a garden. The books can have basic techniques to elaborate gardens for individuals to try for a personal and fun garden project.
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The Pomegranate tree is capable of growing in all types of soils and all types of temperatures in different countries. It can stand humid places and also very high temperatures but it also grows in countries which have snow. This tree should be given the importance that it deserves in the various countries that it grows in
Published by Loredana Galea 65 months ago in Gardening | +0 votes | 0 comments
What are the top gardening mistakes? How can you avoid these gardening mistakes so that you have the most success, and the nicest garden possible? The road to gardening success lies ahead, if only you can manage to sidestep the most common gardening blunders. Read on, to find out the top 3 most common gardening mistakes, and how to easily avoid them.
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There are different pros and cons to purchasing clay pots and plastic pots. This article focuses on the main uses of these pots as well as some things that need to be considered when purchasing a pot. The climate you live in, the type of plant that's going in the pot, and your physical condition are all key factors in deciding on which type of pot to purchase.
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Russian Sage is a non-native plant that is growing in popularity due to its low maintenance and hardiness. It adapts well to a variety of different soils including clay and is a fast growing mid-size shrub. It's low cost makes it a great addition to the landscape. Once planted in your yard, you'll understand why Russian Sage is a favorite among gardeners.
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The Sansevieria plant is an ornamental plant commonly known in many European countries, especially in the UK, as the ‘Mother-in-law's tongue’ due to its long and pointed leaves. It is also known as the ‘snake plant’. Not exactly a compliment for the mother-in-laws of the world! The leaves are thick and fleshy and resemble swords.
Published by Loredana Galea 66 months ago in Gardening | +0 votes | 0 comments
As things start to warm up, the mosquitoes never fail to make a great day outdoors, extremely difficult to bear. Most of us have been there, standing outside spraying excess amounts of DEET infused repellents in every direction just to keep a pesky mosquito from buzzing around your ears. Instead of spraying pressurized chemicals onto yourself, try sprucing up your garden with some known mosquito repelling plants that will have those pesky mosquitoes buzzing in another direction.
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Stevia is a plant native to South America which can also be grown in your garden. Stevia a perennial, but it is not cold hardy so it can also be grown as a houseplant. Fresh or dried stevia leaves have a lower concentration of stevoside that is found in commercially available stevia powder, but it is still incredibly sweet. This article will describe how to grow stevia plants in the garden or as a houseplant and how to harvest and store the leaves.
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Working to make your lawn pretty and healthy is not an easy task. You rake, fertilize and pull the weeds and there are still more problems. You look over your lawn and there is a fairy ring. Fairy rings can be one of the most difficult lawn problems to cure. Here are some tips to help you get rid of fairy rings in your lawn.
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